Depeche Mode

Previous Names: Composition of Sound

The earliest form of Depeche Mode (1977) began with two band mates Vince Clarke and Andy Fletcher. The two created a band named 'No Romance In China' which has been noted as being heavily influenced by the Cure. Not long after (1979), current head man Martin Gore would create a band of his own called 'The French Look' which never saw great popular success. When the three (Clarke, Fletcher, Gore) finally decided to join efforts and create a new band, they named it "Composition of Sound". Likely as a nod that each of the three were bringing something creative to the table. Shortly thereafter however, hearing the debut single "Electricity" by OMD, Vince Clarke identified this new electric sound as the style he most wanted to pursue. With this epiphany Vince and his bandmate Andy Fletcher quickly switched from guitars to synthesizers and 'Depeche Mode' was born. Likely a choice made by Gore as he has stated that he liked the name when he first saw it in the form of French Magazine 'Dépêche mode'. Literally translated to 'dispatch fashion' or 'fashion report'. Also the new name being notably similar to Gores first band 'The French Look'.

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Master and Servant
Black Celebration
Barrel Of A Gun
Behind The Wheel
Blasphemous Rumours
Everything Counts
In Your Room