Guns N' Roses

Previous Names: L.A. Guns

From the names of the founding members, Tracii Guns and Axl Rose. According to original guitarist Tracii Guns: "We had a singer (Mike Jagosz) that our manager didn't like, so we fired him. So then I asked Axl to join L.A. Guns and he was in the band for about six, seven months. The same manager ended up hating Axl and he wanted to fire him. We're all living together at this point and Axl and I sat down and went 'What are we going to do?' So we both said 'Fuck that', and came up with the name Guns N' Roses, which was going to be just a record label that we'd put singles out on." Shortly after forming Axl and Tracii had an argument and Tracii left the group. He was replaced with Slash, though they kept the band name unchanged.

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Sweet Child O' Mine
Knockin' On Heaven's Door
Welcome to the Jungle
November Rain